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Crazy Woman Cellars Corks
At Crazy Woman Cellars, we are about three things:
  • Producing world class wines from the best grapes in the Central Coast
  • Celebrating the countless women who changed history. These women, considered crazy in their time, reshaped the world we live in.
  • Giving back to the Central Coast Community. 
Experience our tasting room, where great wine, music, art and lively conversation all collide. 

About the Name

The inspiration for the name comes from the former mother-in-law of the winemaker. As a single women, she raised four girls on a homestead in Mendocino County in the 1970's. They lived in a sheep barn, with no plumbing, windows or doors. They were surrounded by pot growers who repeatedly encroached on the property. She kept them at bay with her six shooter and soon became known as The Crazy Woman. She was widely respected in the community for being fearless. We chose to honor the countless women who changed history while battling being called crazy.