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Woman of the Month - Truus Wijsmuller

C R A Z Y Protective - We celebrate Truus Wijsmuller, who devoted her life to rescuing Jewish children from the Nazis.  She delighted in caring for others, and even though she could not have any children of her own, she became a mother to thousands.  She volunteered with multiple social service organizations and started working on a Jewish Refugee Committee to organize female volunteer corps.  In 1933 she traveled back and forth between Germany and Holland transporting people to safety.  Truus somehow convinced the Nazi, Adolf Eichmann, to let her bring as many children to England as she could.  Through smuggling and a mission known as Kindertransport, Truus transported over 10,000 children to Holland, Belgium, and England throughout the years.  She was known as the “woman carrying the umbrella,” as that was how the children would identify her when they arrived at their safe destination.  She got her name, “Auntie Truus” from the children she housed in Amsterdam.  After the war, she spent the rest of her life fighting for disabled people.  She was an amazing human and the craziest Aunt in history.